Blackjack, popularly known as 21 is one of the most played card games in the world. It is simple and yet very intriguing. The players just have to reach the number 21 to beat the dealer. To understand the game in a better way, the player must brush up on the glossary related to blackjack.


Before the dealer announces the opening of the deal, every player must place a bet in the pot or at the centre of the table in a neat stack. The value of the minimum and maximum bets are established amongst players before the game starts. Generally, the minimum limit is set at USD 2 and the maximum at USD 500.

The shuffling and cutting

shuffling and cutting

The dealer must shuffle all the cards in the deck before the game starts to ensure fair play. If the game is played using 6 decks, casino dealers use the shoe for drawing the card. After the shuffling, dealer requests any player to cut and a blank plastic white card is placed after the cut to mark the reshuffling.

The deal

This is the most exciting part of the game. After all the players are done placing their bets, the dealer starts to give a face-up card to each player sitting in a clockwise direction. One card is given face-up by players for themselves. Another round is dealt face up for the players but the second card is drawn face down for the dealer.
It means, after dealing two rounds of cards, each player gets two cards face up and the dealer has one card face up and another face down. In some cases, players cards are dealt face down and they are in charge of them. In online Blackjack rooms, all the cards are played face-down on the condition that no layer is allowed to touch the cards.

The Naturals


This term reminds me of a song by Imagine Dragons. When a player gets an ace and a face card given the fact that ace is valued at 11, he has a total count of 21. This is known as a natural or Blackjack. If the player’s first two cards are naturally 21, and the dealer doesn’t have natural, he must pay the player 1.5 times the amount of bet the player has placed at once.
On the contrary, if the dealer gets a natural, all the players who don’t have a natural, all their bets are collected by the dealer. If the dealer and a player both have cards whose sum is 21, the bet of that player gets cancelled with the dealer and he gets to take back the amount he placed as bets. This is known as a tie.